Why Choose Valor

Why Choose Valor Real Estate?

Thinking the time is right to buy or sell a home? We believe that owning your own home is the cornerstone of living the American dream!

Let Valor Real Estate help you achieve your goal. Our seasoned professionals will guild you step by step through every phase of the process to ensure a positive outcome with little to no stress. 

At Valor Real Estate, we believe that exemplary service is number one! Our founders and managers are not satisfied unless you are elated with the service one of our team members provided. We feel so strongly about our level of service that we make our senior leaders available to our clients if there is even the slightest possibility that the service provided is not at the caliber expected.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of articles online talking about the steps to take when buying or selling a home. Who really wants to read all that, or wonder if the information is accurate.

Skip the hassle, hire an Valor Real Estate to walk side-by-side with you through the process to achieve your goal of buying or selling your home and helping you grab your piece of the American dream! We will walk you through all aspects of the process and we won't stop until you are completely satisfied!

Are you active duty military or a military veteran? We understand the unique concerns active-duty and veteran service members have and we are here to help!

At Valor Real Estate, we are well aware of your needs and challenges. Our professional realtors will ensure your specific needs are met and understand your background and perspective. Why deal with someone who has no idea of the life you lead. Rest assured, we will stick with you through the process—after all, we're helping a hero. Get pre-approved today!

We work with your timeframe.

Service members often have accelerated timeframes for purchasing or selling their home. Those tight timelines are complicated in the best of circumstances, adding in an unanticipated reassignment and family can exacerbate the situation. We can do video call walkthroughs, handle inspections, assist with necessary maintenance or upgrades, and solve the myriad complications that your life can bring. Think of us as an extension of your unit, helping to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Going to use your VA Mortgage Entitlement? Our Elite Team will walk you through the VA appraisal process.

Negotiating repairs with the seller is frequently part of the purchase process in order to meet VA mortgage condition requirements. To protect veterans, VA loans require that the house meets the VA-designated Property Requirements. Our experienced realtors will walk with you every step of the way and guide you through the process to a successful conclusion.

Hassle-Free Experience.

We are connected a veteran-friendly preferred mortgage company, closing attorneys, title companies, and home services companies.

Many mortgage companies can do a VA loan, but without experience, the documentation required or nuance in the forms can be difficult to understand and execute flawlessly. Let us connect you with an Elite Mortgage Professional that can walk you through the mortgage process.

We utilize expert closing attorneys and title companies that truly understand the needs of our service members, past and present.

For maintenance or repairs, our home services partners will provide great prices and quality work.

When you bundle these services, you can be confident that you get great value, including workmanship and price to meet your requirements. We also try and use military veteran companies as preferred partners, so in addition to getting a great value on work performed, you will also be helping fellow veterans while they are helping you. Veterans helping veterans.

Service to Others is a Virtue.

Helping clients buy and sell their home, when done the right way, is not sales. Successful realtors don't sell. Instead, they guide, educate, protect, and facilitate actions necessary to achieve a successful outcome. No selling has to happen because the service we provide is the sale. And our team at Valor Real Estate understand that service to others is a virtue. That's what makes our agents great!

Doing the Right Thing.

As a military veteran founded and lead organization, we approach client service as a cohesive unit. We are all here to collectively support the mission of each and every one of our realtors, which is to ensure every client is over-the-top satisfied!

Working as a realtor can be a fulfilling career, and that is especially true when your clients and co-workers are veterans and active-duty military personnel or their families. At Valor Real Estate, we truly have a deep level of respect for our active duty military, veterans, first responders, and the families of each of these groups. We understand the sacrifices every one of these individuals make and we are challenging ourselves to show our level of respect in every interaction we have.

Being a realtor with us is a better experience, because it allows your service mindset to be fully expressed.

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